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hms2Everyone says WHY, HOW, and WHAT? when I tell them we homeschool our 4 children. It all started 3 years ago when my children was in Philadelphia public schools not succeeding, in large classroom sizes, and not getting the attention they needed having ADHD. I was fed up with getting bad report cards and lack of help or explanation as to why my kids are failing. My kids continue to struggle on their grade level, which cause them to severely be behind their grade level in math. I did not want them to get older and to continue to struggle so I decided to take charge of my kids education and home school. It was the best decision me and my husband could have made. It has been the most rewarding thing to monitor, educate, and train my kids to be better students. They enjoy the one on one attention they get. They tell me how they wasn’t learning in school because nobody took the time to slow things down and explain it to them. It was just always a rush thing on to the next lesson. Which is why I also took them out of cyber  home school, it was no different from going to school. The thing is the speed and amount of time it takes children to retain information. Some children need more time to learn and process the information. Home school has also allowed me to have the advantage of talking my children and understanding their logic of thinking. Often when children go to traditional school you lose focus of taking the time out to really get to know your child. The disadvantage is YES your children will eat you out a house and home on the grocery bill. I have learned how to cope with this by learning unique savings and shopping tricks. One of them is learning how to coupon and watch sale prices have been a lifesaver. Come watch me shop for curriculum, plan my schedule, and deal homeschooling my children.


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