Choosing Curriculum


Choosing the right material can be mentally exhausting thing, but who knows your child better than you the parent. There are several different curriculums and many ways a child can learn. Our first year of traditional homeschool we used Abeka, my kids was not fond of the material, they felt the stories was a bit boring. However they loved the math and learned quite a bit from the math material. This year we are looking to try Bob Jones University also know as BJU. I have a relative that use BJU and she lives by it. She suggested to me last year but we went with Abeka, so this year I am going to give it a try. Dont get discourage when choosing and planning your objectives for the year. Below is a few suggestions on where to begin in choosing your curriculum.


The first thing and almost everyone recommends this is to create a school goal. This was very important to me because I truly had to understand why I wanted to homeschool my 4 children. Understand your goals for the year whether you want to increase your child reading, increase there math skills, or writing skills, its important to know what you are working towards before you start your year.




The second suggestion is creating your own material for the year. There are several styles of learning and you can read on them by clicking on the link here  Five Different Approaches to Homeschool . If you choose to use Abeka or Sonlight curriculum you do not have to buy the whole kit or all of the lot in that grade, you can mix and match your curriculum. You can use a variety of curriculum, last year I taught my 5th grader Abeka 4/5th grade math, Abeka Science and BJU Science the 2nd part of the year, and Abeka History 3rd grade and for the second part of the year Celebrations of History. Choose your curriculum based on you and what fits your child, every child learns different and learn at a different pace.

My third suggestions is choosing a math curriculum, this should be carefully choosen because you have to test your child to determine there math grade level, my children where testing 1-2 grades below there actual grade, so we focus on building there math skills last year, that was one of my goals. Math is very important in the early years, it sets the foundation for the later years. K-8 is basic math, but each year after 5th grade adds on something new, my daughter started PreAlgebra but it still reviewed basic math in the beginning of her text book, she did not actually start PreAlgebra until the middle of the book.  Here is the link for several of different math placement test for different curriculum, Home Placement Test for Homeschool  this site is through Sonlight but it has placement test for Saxon, Horizon, Math-U-See and Singapore. I think there are a few others as well, so enjoy and happy testing.

My last but important suggestion is if you dont like the curriculum you have chosen or it doesn’t work for your child, change it. Dont be afraid to change in the middle of the year or during the year. This Process is a trial and error and you know when you choose the right one that will last for years to come. If you have any questions or need any help with this process, do not hesitate to ask or email me. Remember Sharing is Caring. If you enjoyed this blog post please share with your friends.images7


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