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FEEDING LARGE FAMILYMeals, Meals, Meals, We all have to eat!

It takes a lot to feed a family of 6. With 3 boys and my husband to add to that the grocery bill does not come cheap. In the past I had no regard to sales or watching sales prices. We just shopped and bought what we want. When we decided to keep the kids home and home school that changed quickly. Now i am more concise about shopping and spending cost on groceries.


For meats I go to the meat market for cases of drumsticks, party wings, or turkey wings. I dont have a deep freezer (i need to seriously get one) but my freezer at the bottom will do about 2 cases of chicken which last us about 3-4 weeks roughly. I shop at the market for specialty meats like roast, steaks, or chicken breast when they are on sale.


For sides I shop at Aldi for under $100 bucks I get enough pasta, rice, and come snacks for 2 week, so I am usually in Aldi twice a month. There mac n cheese is really good and can compete with Kraft or velvetta. The egg noodles are awesome, and they have really inexpensive tacos and can vegetables as well.


For vegetables I am scouting at the produce junction in Bensalem. They have everything in the fruit and vegetable department including my annuals I like to hang on the front porch. I usually spend about $30 here and this will last me about week. They have really fresh herbs, and fresh vegetables. You can get a 10lb bag of potatoes for $3 and 5lb bag for $2. All the bags of fruit are around $2 or $3 bucks which comes with about 7-8 apples, oranges, or lemons in the bag.


For snacks and misc I usually coupon for these items and I bake cookies, cakes, and cheesecakes which are some of my kids favorite. Snacks such as crackers, peanuts, raisin, etc we get from Aldi. I usually try and get coupons for these items so that I can shop at Shop Rite, which double coupons under .99.


Stores I rarely use are Walmart and Sav A Lot. Walmart dont run sales EVER! there items is always the same prices. Sav A Lot sometimes have old and out dated food. I think I am scared from shopping here when I was young.  

floyd wonder stick figure

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Until next time Happy Shopping 🙂

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