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Great Mommy/Daughter Day Ideas


Having a daughter is an amazing thing. They are so unique and different at the same time. My daughter sometimes remind me of getting in touch with my inner girgly side. She is a pisces so they are super emotional and very creative. She helps me to understand that you can only be yourself and be true to yourself. I always had this concept some where locked in the back of my mind, but with my busy schedule and raising 4 children you tend to loose yourself. She helps me to get in touch with me again. So making a mommy and daughter day is always a pleasure and fun to do. Here are some fun ideas to do on these special days.

  1. It a little expensive depending on where you are, but we are about 2 hours away and a short train ride to the Big Apple. Yes a trip and lunch to NYC. Me and my daughter love to go to New York City, we have our favorite pizza spot right off of canal street. If you cant get to NYC then find a local New Yorker Style Pizzeria. It is so much fun to talk and simply just eat a slice of pizza.
  2. Nail salon day, who doesn’t love mani and pedi. Going to the nail salon is perfect time to wind down and relax. Me and my daughter do a lot of catch up time when we are at the nail salon. Its the perfect place for a little chatting.
  3. Movie day, whether you go out to the movies to enjoy a girly flick or stay in the house to watch a movie it is fun and relaxing. Grab your snacks and go for it. Me and Rayanna

Spending quality time with your daughter is super important. Give her daily hugs and lots of love. I am the oldest of 5 children and the oldest of 4 girls. I spend lots of quality time with my mom every week and it has created a long lasting bond. It has set the foundation of the bond I want to create with my daughter. Remember sharing is caring, if you enjoyed this post share with your family or friends.


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