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How to keep a Large Family Organize

Raising a large family is so much fun but hard work. Boy do I have my fair share of being frustrated beyond belief. In the end of it all its the joy in seeing my kids growing up to be great little scholars. I am the organized and planner of the family. Me and my husband are old fashion with a slice of city living, he bring home the bacon and I stay home take care of the kids while maintaining the home. We have that understanding that I manage the finance, bills, the kids, and the household daily routine. This was easy for me because I was the oldest of 5 kids and it came natural to me.

Running a large family requires great organizational skills. I am responsible for meals, each day, so I have to plan out my shopping list. I try to keep the grocery shopping down to twice a month. Organizing fruits, vegetables, sides/pasta, condiments, and meats help me to shop a lot better versus just going in a store and picking up various or unknown items.

The finances, now me and my husband are not super perfect in this area, but we are learning to be better at it. He mainly leaves this area to me and just oversee what goes out. This is the crucial part of maintaining a large family because it takes a lot of money to keep a large family afloat. I organize our bills 3 weeks before the prior month. Right now I am organizing and planning our September bills cause August bills are pretty much done. I have to get the kids school shopping done which I can be last minute in this area. One of kids start high school, another one is starting 2nd grade catholic school, and I have 2 homeschoolers. I am not sweating it, I am confident that everything will work out.

Then you have laundry, cleaning, and cooking. Laundry is done 2 to 3 times a week, my kids use to help me with this, but they would forget the clothes or they wouldn’t separate them right. They just basically keep them in the hamper and carry them downstairs for me. Cleaning is a share chores amongst everyone, I still have to stay on top of them because they are kids. My oldest daughter is finally starting to break through with mastering cleaning skills.

Lastly cooking is done by yours truly ME. I do all of the cooking with the exception that Rayanna may do lunch here and there for me. She can be a big help at times with just that. The kids do breakfast on there own. Dinner and desserts is my call, which I love to cook for my family. Trying new recipes and ingredients is so much fun. I will keep trying until I get the recipe to perfection! Remember Sharing is Caring, if you enjoyed this post share with your family and friends. 

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