Awesome COUPONING Day 💞

I had an fantastic day COUPONING. Everyone knows I love to go and coupon, I have my coupon only scissors and coupon organizer binder. It has made my life so easier with providing for a large family of 6.

So here we go…. I paid 67.00 for all my item. I racked up 20.00 in plenti points at Rite Aid. I did 18 bottles of laundry oxi clean detergent, but one get one free Dove body wash, Newman’s barbeque sauce, 4 case of pepsi, 12 roll marcal paper towels, 2 tidy cats, buy one get one free febreze, Libby can veggies, 2 Colgate toothpaste that is $1 at rite aid this week, 2 large colorox bleach. All this was a value of $180.00 before coupons and sale prices. I have a video on COUPONING on my channel, but I am going to do an updated one soon. Remember sharing is ❤ if you enjoyed this post, please share with your friends and family. 


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